Ocean School is an initiative that aims to promote outdoor learning and exploring our local shores to help spark the children's sense of curiosity and wonder. We ensure that the activities are scientifically viable and coherent in all their approaches with the fundamental learning elements of the Curriculum for Excellence. We work in close partnership with a range of local and national environmental groups to extend our learners' experiences. The Whale and Dolphin Trust, Marine Conservation Society, South Skye Seas Initiative, Surfers Against Sewage and Skye and Lochalsh Environmental Group are some of the groups we are closely connected to. We have also reached out to national organisations such as NatureScot for funds and support. We successfully secured The Equipment Fund which allowed us to purchase equipment to conduct marine surveys in collaboration with the local community. Ocean School ethos goes hand in hand with the core fundamentals of Dunvegan Primary school. It is a wonderful opportunity that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our learners and in turn, our environment.